Muffin, my sweet non-pug

B: February 19, 1991 D: January 14, 2005

My sweet non-pug, Muffin, passed over to the Bridge on January 14, 2005. She helped me raise my two girl pugs, Thelma & Louisie, and we all miss her. No companion could have been more loyal or smart. She was a one-in-a-million dog.

Half Standard Poodle/half Golden Retriever- her mother was a standard poodle who rejected the poodle stud they found for her, jumped a fence and ran off with a young golden retriever across the street. 9 puppies later, Muffin was born. I got her when she was just over a year old, and never regretted it. She went everywhere with me, and was my constant source of amusement and comfort.

Muffin at her prettiest. Snow never bothered her. Muffin loved playing in the ocean waves.
Muffin put up with the girls constantly. Muffin greeting a brand-new Thelma. Tug-o-War, Louisie above, Thelma below.
Thelma loved pulling on Muffin's wonderful ears. Muffin was vain about her bows.  
Thelma & Louisie loved to tease Muffin. Butchie loved to play with Muffin.
Muffin loved snow!

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