Fat Pugs in Alaska

On August 2nd, 2006, after living a full life for 13 years & 8 months. my sweet Louisie succumbed to cancer.

On April 2nd, 2008, her littermate, Thelma, died of a heart attack in my arms. She was 15 years & 3 months old.

My girls are gone, but they will live in my heart forever. They started my journey into the wide wonderful word of the Web. They were my inspiration for this site, and, due to their influence, I have met and maintained friendships with pug people from all over our planet.

Thelma & Louisie

We now have a Moose! He came to live with us in December of 2007. What a fantastic dog he is. He LOVES the pugs!

Chloe arrived in July of 2008!

With all this life and death talk, one thing I just remembered my father telling me all the time, was to not leave my family in a bind if I suddently died. He mentioned getting a life insurance policy early while the prices are still affordable. Now in my seventies, I wish I had listened to him. But, according to everything I've been reading online, I guess it's not too late to get life insurance coverage.


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As of February 2010, Rocky has joined the gang!

Odie Gus Gus!!


Gumpy- R.I.P. May, 2008

Beau R.I.P. February, 2010

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Muffin (at the Bridge on January 14th, 2005)

Realtor - Equal housing




Dino & Butchie (both at the Bridge and sadly missed)