Pug Parties in Alaska!

(the world will never be the same!!)

Pictures from the June, 2000 Pug Party

It was a beautiful, sunny day in June, perfect for pugs!

There were a lot of people and pugs at the party. It was good to catch up with friends I hadn't seen since last year!

Oh, and we made new friends also!

Thelma quickly learned who had treats in their pockets!

Thelma (in back) Louisie (in front)

Getting ready to party!!

Bob Olson, the founder of the Polar Pug Rescue Club, loves all pugs! (And they sure know it!)

When you gotta sniff, you gotta sniff!

So little time,

so much running to do!

This 5-month-old baby just knew he was the center of the party!

Don't sit down,

you could have a lapful of pugs!


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This is Kujo, a two-year-old male.

He weighs in at 30 lbs!

He's the biggest pug of the group.